7 Lubes Guaranteed To Enhance Your Love-Making

* The Pjur Original Rainbow Lube , celebrating the rights of everybody to enjoy a beautiful and exciting love life this lube is the perfect accessory to intimacy. The silicone molecules are not absorbed into the skin and remain on the surface giving long lasting and satisfying lubrication. Perfect for solo or couples use it will become an essential part of your sex life.

* The Sliquid Swirl Lubricants bring new pleasure to your love making as they are perfect for use during oral sex. The formulation is water based and is both glycerin and paraben free with added flavors designed to complement your natural taste, not disguise it. This is the Pina Colada flavor but check out the entire range to bring variety and great taste to your sex life.

* Sliquid Sea is a water based lubricant that is enhanced with an infusion of organic sea botanicals each with their own beneficial properties. The naturally occurring anti-oxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients complement the lubricant to provide a deliciously slippery and long lasting glide for stunning and tension free sex play.

* Silver is the Sliquid premium formulation lubricant created with pharmaceutical grade silicone. Its long lasting properties are the result of an ultra concentrated blend of silicone ensuring that only a few drops will last for hours and is easy to clean up. This is the ideal lube for long lasting intimate play.

* Vegan friendly and natural Sliquid Organic Gel is an Aloe Vera based, water soluble gel that offers a thicker lubricant designed to mimic and enhance your body’s natural lubrication. Its hypoallergenic and non-toxic nature makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin but perfect for long lasting and comfortable intimate pleasure.

* H2O Naturals is Sliquids original formulation, a water based lube that forms the base ingredient for all of the other lubes offered. It is 100% vegan friendly, using plant based cellulose as a thickening agent and containing no glycerin or other sugar based agents. A great, bare and basic lubricant for all skin types.

* Not sure which Sliquid Swirl flavored lube is right for you, try a variety of them with the Lip Lickers Cube. 12 travel size packs of 4 unique and delicious lubricants. You’re sure to find at least one flavor that you’ll love!