List Of Weekly Menu

1. Tex-Mex Chicken Tortas This menu is very easy to cook, since it requires only one pot. It’s a tortilla filled with chicken and vegetables, seasoned with hot sauce and fresh cilantro. It can be eaten as a snack or a full meal in the evening. 2. Golden Crumbed Pork Steak This simple menu is a great way to cook […]

The 7 Best Pizza Ovens And Peels That Really Help

Here are the seven best pizza cookware to help you with your cravings. * OONI KARU 16 MULTI-FUEL PIZZA OVEN PRICE: $799.00 The first and only pizza oven in the market to acquire the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana’s seal of approval as “Recommended for Domestic Use.” * OONI KARU 12 MULTI-FUEL PIZZA OVEN PRICE: $399.00 The stainless-steel body of the […]

9 Wine Cases To Make You A Hit On Parties

Customer Favorites – 15 Wine Bottle Case Load up on the best and most popular wine around dictated by reviews and customer choices. You can mix and match between red and white, or solely red or white, and get a case that’s value for money. Ultimate Rose Sampler Take a tour of the world of rose wine with the Ultimate […]

9 Wine Bottle Choices For Exquisite Refreshment

Brut This California Brut sparkling wine has notes of bergamot, elderflower, and lemon, perfect for celebrations and when you want a light bubbly going. It’s super dry and refreshing and made for sharing with friends and family. Yuzu Spritz Wine in a bottle may sound unusual, but you won’t mind when you take a sip of this delicious wine spritzer […]


#1. STRAWBERRIES A super healthy and delicious option, strawberries are filled with sweetness and flavor while having virtually no calories to themselves. Great for pancakes and yogurts. #2. BLACKBERRIES Blackberries, while not quite as sweet as strawberries, are an incredible treat with the right amount of tart to sweetness. They are super soft and easy to eat making them a […]

9 Menus From Home Chef To Make Home Cooking Easy

1. Basil Bruschetta Burger Level up your typical burger with this menu. This contains milk, eggs, and wheat for your information just in case you are allergic to them. Your meaty burger comes with a topping made from fresh tomatoes, pesto, and mozzarella. It also comes with fries on the side. 2. Sherry-Glazed Roasted Chicken Craving for chicken for lunch […]

8 Delicious Smoothies That Are Good For You

Ultra Greens Give yourself a nice boost in the nutrient department with the Ultra Greens smoothies. It contains green goodies such as spirulina, kale, broccoli, and apple, with loads of vitamin C, protein, and iron. The drink is high in fiber and low in carbs as well. Golds This smoothie not only looks good but it tastes amazing too. Natural […]

7 Smoothies That Are Great For Your Health

7. Beet Reds Smoothie Beets are considered a superfood that can enhance performance for active adults. The Beet Reds smoothie is based on beets but also contains apples, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and more. Most of these fruits have antioxidant properties and can help boost energy levels. 6. Avocado Greens Smoothie Avocados have been well-documented for their health benefits. They are […]

7 Recipes That You Can Try With Your Blendjet

1. Lemon Cheesecake Milkshake This recipe is good for one person only. This is a great way to enjoy summer and cool off from the hot weather. You only need milk, vanilla ice cream, lemon, and cream cheese to do this. You just put the ingredients inside the Blendjet blender and then blend it. Tada! You already have a sweet […]


#1. FRIED CHICKEN & CORDON BLEU SAUCE For those who love some good ole fried chicken, this is a great celebration or holiday dish that is as comforting as it is delicious. We can’t suggest eating fried chicken _every_ day, but we can acknowledge that you’ll want to have this as often as possible. #2. BUFFALO-STYLE TURKEY CHILI A super […]