These 7 Toys Will Let Your Kids Enjoy And Learn

Here are 7 toys that will let your kids enjoy while learning and having fun:

1) Enrichment for Grades 3-8 (5-Pack)

This is one of those toy store packs that your kid should have. These toys are meant to enrich and enhance the learning of your kids. It is a bundle of five STEM-sational projects that feature motion, engineering, and energy. It features the hydraulic claw, walking robot, bottle rocket, paper circuits, and vortex cannon.

2) Young Chemist (3-Pack)

This toy store pack is meant for your kid who has a fascination for science and chemistry. It includes three projects on crystal chemistry garden, colorful chemistry, and oil + water chemistry.

3) Electronics (4-Pack)

If your kid is into electronics, then this store pack will surely delight him/her. It features four toy projects including hand-crank flashlight, light-chasing robot, light-up speaker, and geometric laser projector.

4) Magnetic Car Set

These colorful magnetic train cars can be formed into a train set that will surely be a joy to play with by your kid. This toy set features parts that can fold open, rattle, or spin and it will definitely help your kid in his/her imagination, motor skills, and hand and eye coordination.

5) Pop-up Felt Play Mat

This is the toy that can truly boost your kid’s imagination. This play mat can be spread on the floor or on the table and the house and car pieces can be popped up and played with on the mat. There are endless possibilities with this imaginative play mat.

6) Cell Shape Sorter

This wonderful foundational toy will help your toddler in shape-matching, color recognition, and hand and eye coordination. The theme of this shape sorter is the cell, which is the essential building block of life. That is why it also includes a book about the importance of cells.

7) Speedy Race Cars

This toy project kit features two custom speedy race cars and your kid is going to be the one to design the tracks using black washi tape. This will help boost your kid’s imagination and creativity.