10 Science Toys For Budding Scientists And Engineers

1. Young Chemist (3-Pack)

This is the perfect gift for a child who’s showing some interest in chemistry. This pack contains three different sets that will teach a child basic chemistry principles. It also introduces a child to the scientific method.

2. Fire Lab

Designed for older kids, this set allows children to play with fire in a safe and educational manner. The different fire experiments come with an explanation so kids can understand what’s going on and understand the science behind the processes.

3. Volcano Slime

Kids love to play with gooey and slimy stuff. So why not teach slime to teach them about volcanoes. With this set, children can safely mix their own solutions to mimic a volcanic eruption sans the danger, of course.

4. Electrochemistry Lab

Now it’s easy to teach electrochemistry to your child with this lab set. This will teach them the concepts of oxidation reaction and how to use a voltmeter. They can then use their new knowledge to build a clock.

5. Balloon Cars

Kids love to play with cars. Turn your kids passion for wheeled vehicles into an opportunity to learn about science. This set will allow them to experiment and build their own cars and then race them with the use of balloons.

6. Bottle Rocket

Kids will be thrilled with the opportunity to build and launch their own rockets. The step-by-step video tutorial and illustrated blueprints make it an easy and fun weekend project.

7. Astronaut Starter Kit

Expand your child’s mind as you introduce him to space travel with this Astronaut Starter Kit. There are a lot of fun activities that kids can do with this kit. It offers an exciting way for them to learn about space exploration.

8. Hydraulic Claw

Hydraulics used in different industries around the world. Learning about it at an early age can give a child an advantage.

9. Solar System

A child can more about the planets in our solar system with this solar system kit. It will allow the child to create and even color the planets and to put them together to form a mobile.

10. Slime Circuits

Understanding how an electric circuit works is a good foundation for learning about electricity. The use of slime makes it fun too.