8 Animal Toys To Help Any Child Learn About Nature’s Wonders

1. Froggie Lab Dissection

The advantage of dissecting a frog plushie is that no animal gets harmed in the process. This is the best way to teach kids about anatomy and physiology. It even comes with kid-friendly tweezers. It may even inspire your child to pursue medicine in the future.

2. Flying Squirrel

This flying squirrel toy can actually fly. You can even control where the squirrel will land. The included cards allow a child to play a fun game of target. Playing with this toy provides an opportunity for a child to learn about flying squirrels.

3. Metamorphosing Butterfly

This is a beautiful way to teach a child about the wonders of metamorphosis.

4. Light-Up Anglerfish Puppet

This anglerfish toy doesnt only light up. It can also glow in the dark and makes a fun hand puppet.

5. Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume

This is a costume craft kit that allows a child to build a moving t-rex head with matching claws. This will not only teach your side about dinosaurs. It will serve as an introduction to rotary motion, hinges, and fossil detective work.

6. Dinosaurs

This is the perfect gift for any dinosaur-loving child. It will surely transport any kid back to prehistoric times.

7. Poppy Plushie

Poppy is a very cute panda bear that you can play and snuggle with.

8. Veterinarian Starter Kit

If your child dreams of becoming a veterinarian when he/she grows up, then this set will provide the right foundation. It comes with a stuffed animal and a set of handy vet tools. It will teach a child about animal anatomy and how vets work to treat sick animals.

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