A super healthy and delicious option, strawberries are filled with sweetness and flavor while having virtually no calories to themselves. Great for pancakes and yogurts.


Blackberries, while not quite as sweet as strawberries, are an incredible treat with the right amount of tart to sweetness. They are super soft and easy to eat making them a great option for kids as well to throw on salads and as parts of granola and trail mix.


Not only are these freeze-dried apples. These are freeze-dried _granny smith_ apples. If anyone (like me) is a huge fan of granny smith apples, you know that they are a perfect treat for just about anything and everything. These apples are lightly touched on with lemon juice to maintain their green color while retaining all of their renowned tart bites. Eat them as is or with your favorite oatmeal.


A nutty inclusion if there ever was one, freeze-dried bananas maintain all of their sugar content making them a super tasty treat for pretty much any time. Add them to any mix you can think of if you want to turn off the taste factor.


A unique option that many people may not have tried before, black currants are in the tart berry family and are a great snack to munch on. They are rich in vitamins A, B, and E while also having a ton of antioxidants.


Meant for those who love smoothies and juices, freeze-dried mangos are a legit game changer. Yes, you can throw them in your yogurts and ice creams, but they were meant to pep up your smoothie drinks (in my personal opinion). Plus, since they aren’t frozen themselves, you can eat them fresh out of the box without chilling your teeth!


Another great inclusion for smoothies, yogurts, parfaits, and ice creams is freeze-dried pineapples. These things are super sweet while also having a ton of different enzymes and antioxidants making them perfect for just about anything.


Cherries are pretty awesome. They’re small enough that you can eat them on the go while strong enough that they will be noticeable no matter the meal you want to spruce up. They’re also great for helping you sleep and work to reduce inflammation in the body.


Are all the options too good to choose from? Then don’t! Get a small cocktail of several different fruits all in one ranging from apples, blueberries, mangos, and strawberries. This is a great snack on its own but an even better one when combined with any of the other options on this list.