7 Womens Accessories That Should Not Be Missing From Your Wardrobe

7. Kenneth Cole Ultem Unisex Gold Smoke Sunglasses

The Kenneth Cole Ultem sunglasses are unisex. This means that you can match them with a wide range of styles and pieces of clothing or other women accessories. Ideally, the glasses would work well with a pair of boyfriend jeans but you can also match them with a skirt or dress.

6. Kenneth Cole Gunmetal + Gold Two-Tone Watch with Stainless Steel Band

Kenneth Cole makes several amazing watches. Their Gunmetal + Gold two-tone watch is an ideal choice for women that are looking for something more formal. It is a metal watch with a steel band but what makes it such a gorgeous watch is the black dial and diamond accents.

5. Kenneth Cole Round Sunglasses

The Kenneth Cole round sunglasses are the kind of shades you used to see movie stars wear. They have a classic design that never grows old and a premium build quality. The model comes with smoky lenses, and a silver frame and is impact-resistant.

4. Kenneth Cole Bio-Acetate Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye sunglasses have always been popular. If you are in the market for a new pair, the Kenneth Cole Bio-Acetate cat-eye sunglasses are worth a look. They are made with smoky lenses, a durable frame, and gunmetal details. The sunglasses are available in 3 colors and have one universal color.

3. Kenneth Cole Slim Watch with Genuine Leather Bracelet

The Kenneth Cole slim watch with red leather is one of those women accessories that you can wear with almost anything. It is elegant, youthful, and daring. The model features a brushed red leather bracelet and a rose gold dial.

2. Kenneth Cole Slim Watch with Mesh Stainless Steel Bracelet

If you want a versatile watch that you can match with more formal outfits and that you can wear at the office, the Kenneth Cole slim watch is worth considering. The model features a mesh stainless steel bracelet and a brushed white dial. The watch also has gold accents and silver elements.

1. Kenneth Cole Modern Classic Slim Watch with Genuine Leather Strap

The Kenneth Cole Modern Classic slim watch is not only a versatile accessory but also elegant. Having the blue leather strap and the hollowed edge dial makes it both elegant and modern. It is one of those women accessories that can be worn almost anytime and anywhere.