8 Best Game Kit That You Need For Children’s Growth

1) The looker play kit

This game kit is suitable for newborn babies from 0 to 12 weeks as they are adapting to all new things

* Easily builds all the new brain connections

* Comes with 8 types of items

* Comes with a play guide for parents to use in a proper way

2) The explorer play kit

Suitable for those babies from 9 to 10 months as they start to explore everything they see

* Builds an intelligence that is emotionally attached

* Kids can experiment with gravity

* Thye know how to balance the items and coordinate them accordingly

3) The babbler play kit

Suitable for kids from 13 to 15 months where they have started learning through voice

* Generate better motor skills

* Learn about cause and effect

* Get to know about rotation, routines, and the importance of time

4) The companion play kit

Suitable from ages 22 to 24 months as they started to learn from the fun they are having

* Learn how to transfer the objects using the tools that are given

* Practice coordination and how to handle the emotions

5) The enthusiast play kit

Suitable for kids aged 28 to 30 months as they go for advanced learning

* Learn about volumes of liquid and solid item

* Learn about geometric shapes and how to grip

6) The free spirit play kit

Suitable for kids from 34 to 36 months as they started to become more curious

* Start to build real-life skills

* start to learn about problem-solving and how to balance the skills

7) The problem solver play kit

Suitable for kids between 43 to 45 months old who started to learn advanced numbering

* Learn how to count and compare numbers

* Use a board game and can start measuring objects

8) The analyst play kit

Suitable for kids between 46 to 48 months old who started to learn how to solve puzzles

* Start solving color puzzles

* Start to translate 2D pictures to 3D

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