8 Best Men’s Footwear For Work Or Leisure

Padmore & Barnes Original Boot

These aren’t your typical high top boots. These shoes can still give you that snug fit and comfort while you go on hikes or long walks despite being set apart from traditional boots. Grab a pair for only $200.00.

Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boot

Simple, modern and lined with sheepskin leather, these boots have brilliant arch support so you’ll never feel fatigued doing what you love best. Grab a pair for $143.98.

Padmore & Barnes Willow Boot

These handstitched moccasins are best enjoyed outdoors and in the rugged. These boots are worth just $205.00.

Chamula Pedro Loafers

If you’re a person that appreciates recycling or stand by a vegan lifestyle, then you will absolutely adore these handmade vegetable tanned leather loafers. Made by Mexican artisans, these shoes are worth $69.98.

Urge Footwear Mister

On the not so vegan side, these 100% leather shoes are lightweight and breathable despite the material its made of. Take these on your next holiday for $51.98.

Teva Voya Lace

These loafers are made wit more familiar fabrics compared to the other exotic shoes on this list. Easy to slip on and easy on your wallet, buy these shoes for $60.00.

Mohinder’s Men’s City Slipper

These classy casual easily slipped on slippers are made of water buffalo leather and are in the market for $145.00.

Mulo Espadrille

Espadrilles are a classis slip on shoe for the casual trot around town or out in the forest. Stylish and lightweight, this pair is worth $190.00.