8 Rings You’ll Want To Put On Her Finger

1. FINE DIAMOND MARITIME RING A delicate circlet of white diamond chains; an infinite pattern of passion. With 10K gold backing, Ethically sourced; designed in NYC 2. GOLD CIGAR BAND As solid as the feelings behind it; a wide 10K gold 4mm band. 100 day product guarantee; free shipping 3. JUMBO BUTTERFLY DIAMOND RING For someone who makes you feel whimsical. A flighty butterfly made of white diamonds with a 10K gold ring. All diamonds are handpicked. 4. PINK POWER OPEN CIRCLE RING When your purpose is passion, then pink is the way to go. A circle of rubies and pink sapphires with a rhodolite accent; it will be her crowning glory.
5. UNICORN SUGAR CUBE ETERNITY RING Let her see all the colors of your love; represent each family member or event in this special circlet of gems. Includes a peridot, pink sapphire, tanzanite and yellow sapphire (gems can vary according to choice). 6. RAINBOW STARBURST BAND A gleaming 10K gold band with winking gems along its width. Includes 6 gemstones; tsavorite and yellow sapphire make a great combination 7. SMILEY RING Does she make you smile? Let her know with this irresistible smiley made of handpicked white diamonds on a 10K gold band. 8. GRANDE CUPOLA RING Do you want to “go big” with your statement of love? This round thick croissant-shaped swath of 10K gold with two slim stripes of white diamonds will show your love is overflowing. Stone and Strand has a ring for every purpose. All rings are made with ethically sourced diamonds and all are designed for women by women. Stone and Strand company was founded and is dedicated to designing fashionable rings that will allow women to wear jewelry with modern designs, yet affordable prices. The company wants to create jewelry that women can wear with pride; pieces that promote their individuality yet enhance their beauty.