8 Sweaters To Rock This Fall

A knitted sweater made through luxurious fabric, for instance, a buttery-soft merino wool blend will surely make you feel oh-so-cozy for the fall with your cup of hot choco on hand. Perfect colors for this sweater are black, deep forest, mauve, heather camel, and antique cream which are all perfect for the fall! They’re the color palette that you can picture out when you close your eyes and think of the fall, right? May I say that a sadler turtleneck sweater never gets old? It’s always on trend! Melwood Square-Neck Sweater in Coziest Yarn In a mood for a square-neck to show a little skin but also want to stay warm? We got you! Why don’t you opt for this sweater? Not only that you can stay warm and stylish, but also comfortable like you’re wrapped in the coziest blanket. Choose a forage color, wear a pair of blue jeans, and dark brown boots with it, and you’re gonna look classic! Who doesn’t want to look like you’re a character in 90’s sitcoms? Ah. Fair Isle Markham Pullover Sweater Do you want a little pattern on your sweater to spice up your look? There are some of those days where you want to look a little bit more fun, right? I know. Why not try a twist on a classic vintage ski sweater that shows those geometric patterns in a minimal amount? You can pair it with a plain darker-colored cardigan and you’re welcome! Aldrige Crop Pullover Sweater This surely is an eye-catcher, woah! It has a plain color for the neckband and cuffs, with the vintage-inspired patterns for the rest of the sweater. You won’t have to make a lot of effort on choosing your pants or shoes to look fun. This sweater has your back. Wearing this will make you stand out in any room.
Carleton V-Neck Sweater Tank Every closet in the world deserves a v-neck sweater tank! You can wear this as it is, or pair it with a cardigan or a blazer. There are multiple outfits that you can try out with this in heather molases, and violet dusk colors. You can be as imaginative as you can, and if it’s made of wool? Chef’s kiss. Medallion Embroidered Pullover Sweater There are those days where we want to wear a cute short skirt, right? What is a perfect sweater to pair with that to still stay warm? A light-colored sweater with a round neck band, and embroidered floral patterns on it of course. You will surely look cute and refreshing wearing this! I promise you that you will want to wear this outfit again! Back Beat Co. Organic Cotton Colorblock Sweater Who says that fall is for neutral colors only? Are you getting bored of those? I am too, at times. Try this sweater for a pop of colors. It has a chunky ribbed turtleneck and classic loose fit to compliment those colors and look like you’re about to rock the day, and you will! DEMY BY DEMYLEE Delu Sweater What is that one thing that makes every clothing better? A pocket, that’s right. This is a slouchy fit sweater with a patched pocket in front. To top that, you can choose between dark green and fawn colors. They surely chose two perfect colors for this. This doesn’t only look comfortable, but it really is comfortable because it’s made of merino wool. Happy fall!