9 Products For Men Relaxing At Home

1. Vintage Wash Tie Dye Pullover

A hoodie with colorful motifs with a worn impression, very comfortable and comfortable to wear to relax. Made of organic cotton, it comes with drawstring on the hoodie and kangaroo pocket to warm the hands.

2. French Terry Sweatpants

The perfect material will produce sports pants that are comfortable and soft to wear. Can be used to relax at home or just take a leisurely walk. Features subtle camouflage details, drawstring belt and back

3. Skin Care System Performance

Asystem’s special range of skin care products for men provides the care needed to make skin tighter, reduce wrinkles and look fresher and healthier. Consisting of 3 products, Twice Daily Invigorating Cleanser will help clean everyday impurities, The Daily Defense Moisturizer to moisturize and contain sunscreen, and finally Overnight Rebuilding Cream functions to reduce damage, so that the skin becomes moist and healthy.

4. Age Defense Moisturizer

Unique moisturizer, because it can be used for the face and scalp. To nourish and moisturize because it contains aloe vera and willow ingredients. With a type of lotion that is easy to absorb, it doesn’t make your skin sweat. Fresh with light wood scent.

5. Premium House Coat

Premium home lining with unmatched comfort. The combination of soft cotton filled with warm insulation gives a calm and relaxing effect. Comes with 2 pockets for storing essential items and a sewn belt so you won’t lose your robe belt.

6. Yukata robe

The Yukata robe was made very functional, with a pocket that could hold the phone, put a drink bottle and pin on the glasses, making this robe perfect for a vacation. Made from soft Terry cloth and beautiful sea fish pattern.

7. Activated Charcoal & Bamboo Scrub

Scrub that can be used everyday to clean your body skin. The gritty texture comes from the extracted bamboo stalks, which is useful for scrubbing the skin clean. The charcoal will absorb dirt and bacteria from the skin. Argan and jojoba oil will provide moisture. Equipped with a soft and refreshing fragrance.

8. White Sage Body Cleanser

Bath soap made from natural ingredients harvested from nature. Cleanses the body well and is perfectly complemented by fresh natural scents such as earthy scents and hot resin.

9. Mojo Bar Morning Soap

A bar of soap that will provide a pleasant bathing experience. Cleanse the skin with a fresh fragrance like a jungle scent. Made from 100% sustainable palm oil.