Fit Into These Polo Shirts Worn By 50s And 60s Leading Men

1) Thin Vertical Stripe Jade Polo

Everything that delighted you from our popular Tipped Cotton Polo are all found in our Thin Vertical Stripe Polo for Men. If you desire wardrobe versatility and a tailored fit, this is the Polo Bar for you. Its lustrous jade green tone is the anchor color with light green vertical stripes.

2) Full Placket Birdseye Navy Polo

It’s an understated Polo Bar style of the 50s and 60s cinema leading men. The past serves as an inspiration for this design which embraces the present flawlessly. It’s made from 100 percent cotton and can be worn on its own.

3) Tipped Cotton Sweater Sky Blue Polo

We assure you that this practical blue shirt can match any pair of pants that you have in your closet. It has been on our bestseller list for the past two years. It matches well with your bleached denim and slip on Van’s colored white.

4) Horizontal Stripe Cotton Sweater Grey Polo

It’s our classic sweater polo with graphic styles inspired by the French fisherman style. Graphic white stripes have been added to the elegant shade of grey, and includes the banded bottom hem which you can tuck or untuck.

5) Solid Cotton Sweater Black Polo

You must have this iconic solid black cotton sweater polo bar in your closet. You will look good in it, on its own, and even when you’re under a suit or blazer. It’s meant to be untucked and naturally hitting your waistline because of its banded bottom.

6) Pique Grey Polo

It’s going to be your favorite polo bar! At a price that’s so affordable. You can pair this grey classic with your sandstone chinos or even your navy dress pants. Its perfect length permits you to wear it tucked or untucked, depending on what occasion you are invited to.

7) Thin Vertical Stripe Stone Polo

It is a handsome retro style polo bar with a lot of modern details. It has the same fit as our Tipped Cotton Polo plus a few more surprises such as vertical navy stripes with a neutral stone background.

8) Tipped Cotton Sweater Lilac Polo

You will stand out in a crowd of black and navy polos with this Tipped Cotton Polo Bar. It has a single chest pocket with a banded bottom that will give you a polished untucked look.

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