List Of Bakeware Products

List of bakeware products

1. Baking & Cooling Duo

These are 2 metal pans that are used in combination to bake cookies or pastries. One of the metal pans is a muffin pan, while the other can be used as a cookie sheet or second muffin pan.

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2. Baking Sheet

A baking sheet refers to a metal pan that is generally used for cookie or pastry baking. It can also be used for broiling, roasting and freezing. Baking sheets are usually made of aluminum and have a shiny surface, making them ideal for high heat applications. T

3. Circle Pan

A circle pan is a straight forward metal pan that comes with 2 handles. It has a 1-inch rim all the way around, and can be used for baking pastries or cookies. Circle pans are made out of aluminum and have a shiny, polished surface for high heat applications.

4. Cooling Rack

Cooling racks are used specifically to cool cookie sheets after the cookies have been baked on them. These racks were traditionally made using wire mesh but today can be made from any material like aluminum, steel or bamboo .

5. Muffin Pan

A muffin pan is a metal baking pan that can usually be used for baking one or two cupcakes at a time. Muffin pans are typically made of aluminum and have sloped bottoms that help the batter to rise while they bake.

Muffin pans can also be used to bake more than just muffins. Some people use them to make smaller pies, quiches, cheesecakes, tortes and other baked goods.

6. Loaf Pan

A loaf pan is another type of baking pan that is used for baking bread. It is made from ceramic or metal and has a straight sides and a rim design. Unlike all the other mentioned pans, loaf pans are generally not non-stick.

In conclusion, bakeware comes in many different forms sizes and materials. However, most of these products are made from aluminum, ceramic or non-stick coated metal. There are various products available for baking cookies, cakes and pastries. Baking pans come in many different shapes and sizes to match the needs of their users.