List Of Sunglasses You Can Buy Today

List of sunglasses you can buy today 1. DESCEND N The Descend N sunglasses combine the best of both worlds by offering the protection of polarized sunglasses at an amazing value. The Descend N are a great pair for those looking for a reliable pair of polarized sunglasses that provides 100% UV 400 protection in addition to blocking out harmful light rays and protecting your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 2. DESERT | JEEP® Desert’s Jeep® is the perfect addition to any Jeep® enthusiast collection. This exclusive design is inspired by the names of two off-road vehicles that have been known for their ability to take on rough terrains, as well as their rugged designs. This exclusive design is designed for both men and women, as it features a wood grain textured stainless steel frame combined with a durable rubberized black coating on the arms and temple areas of the sunglasses. 3. HARNESS 24K LTD Harness24K is a stylish pair of sunglasses from the advanced Republica men’s collection. Inspired by the design of a military helmet, this black square frame pair offers full UV 400 protection for your eyes and dries quickly.
4. RILEY The Riley sunglasses are a unique pair of polarized sunglasses. In-between a traditional frame square and a round frame, these sunglasses offer the best of both worlds. The Riley’s innovative 3D-Reveal® technology seamlessly bends light to create vibrant colors in any direction and offers the highest level of UV 400 protection in the industry. 5. FREEMAN The Freeman is a unique pair of polarized sunglasses that not only make you look good, but also offer a protective element to your eyes. With 180 degree adjustable arm hinges, these sunglasses offer lightweight, durable technology made specifically for those who are active individuals and who are looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses that can take anything the outdoors can throw at them. 6. HARNESS The Harness sunglasses are a classic aviator style frame made with lightweight, high-grade titanium. These sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any man who wants to add a classic and sophisticated look to their wardrobe. 7. DESCEND A Descend A is the perfect pair of polarized sunglasses for those who want to protect themselves from harmful UV rays and bright sunlight. The Reduce-A-Nations comes in a wide range of styles and colors to please everyone’s personal taste.