List Of Tires Accessories

List of tires accessories

1. Inflater:

It is used to refill the tires with air. They are typically made small, light and compact.

Grips are a necessity of any tire inflator. This can be achieved by using tape, baling wire or rubber straps.

2. Voltzy

This is a device that turns your car on and off. This device is attached to the wall power port in your vehicle.

A battery and a switch are the main parts of this device. On the left side of the switch is a button that can be pressed to turn on your car and in between two buttons there is an indicator light showing whether your car is on or not. On the other hand, there are batteries in this unit for its functioning.

3. Action Trax

These are the devices attached to your car wheels in order to control the speed of your driving. They are primarily used in trucks and buses.

When you press the gas pedal, a power is sent through a wire to these devices attached to the wheels. These devices then tighten or loosen their grip on the wheels, controlling their speed.

4. Battery Boost-R

These are the devices that are attached to your vehicle and can be powered by batteries.

The device is usually connected to your car’s battery, but can also be powered by a power bank or an electrical outlet.

5. ActionTrax (Metal Teeth)

These are the devices that connect to the wheels of the vehicle and can be powered by batteries or an electrical outlet.

They are used for controlling the speed of your car.

In conclusion, this is the device with the lowest maintenance cost, unlike the other devices that are subject to wear and tear.