Nail Art Trends Of 2023: Bold, Creative, And Unexpected

The ultimate trend of 2023 is texture-on-texture. This look combines different textures such as glitter, sequins, or chrome to create a 3D effect that stands out from the crowd. Paired with a neutral base color such as tan or white, texture-on-texture nails are sure to be an eye-catching style all season long.

Metallic accents are another on-trend option for 2023; think rose gold or silver accents against deep navy polish. As an alternative to traditional French tips, try using bright colors like pink or yellow instead of white; you can even mix up your accent shades for an unexpected twist!

For those looking for something more daring: abstract nail art is here to stay! Whether it’s neon shapes or intricate patterns inspired by street art, abstract designs combine creativity with high fashion in one unique look. To get started with abstract nails at home, try using toothpicks dipped into polish for precise lines and shapes.

Finally: marble nails have been taking over social media lately thanks to their classic yet modern feel! Begin by painting your nails with a light nude shade before adding darker marble swirls on top with either a dotting tool or bobby pin et voila! You’ll have chic marble nails in minutes flat!

No matter what kind of look you prefer when it comes to your manicure routine: there’s something for everyone this season when it comes to statement nail art trends in 2023! From texture-on-texture styles and metallic accents all the way through to abstract designs and marble effects why not give one (or all) of these trends a try?