Reliving The 90s Trend Lipstick And Lavender Eye Makeup

When using this trend, start with a light base on your eyes such as a nude or ivory shadow. Then use lavender shadows to create depth and dimension around your eyes, blending them together until they are seamless. To further enhance this look, add some purple liner along your lash line or even smudge some under your bottom lashes for extra drama.
Finish off this look with a bold lip color such as hot pink or bright red for an extra pop of color. You can also opt for a more neutral hue if you want something subtler but still make sure to keep it matte so it doesn’t clash with the other colors on your face. When wearing lipstick with lavender eye makeup, be sure to blend everything well so there aren’t any harsh lines between colors that might be jarring against each other when worn together. This trend has been seen everywhere from runways to celebrity red carpets over recent years proving its timelessness in beauty looks throughout time periods! So if you want to relive the glory days of the 90’s while still keeping up with modern trends then try out combining lipstick and lavender eye makeup you won’t regret it!