The Top 10 Jackets And Sweaters For The Outdoor Man

Amundsen Groomer Jacket

This jacket is extra comfortable and extra warm for the cooler or winter months. Shield yourself from the elements and keep dry thanks to this jacket’s water repellent fabric. Buy this jacket now for only $649.00.

Lululemon Cold City LIFT

Stay warm while looking like a male star in a winter rom com. This jacket is the epitome of style and elegance amidst a winter background. Lululemon brings you insulation, warmth and water resistance. Get it today for $598.00.

Barbour Gold Standard Supa Corbridge Wax

This jacket is made with waxed cotton that keeps you water resistant and protected from the elements. This jacket features dark colors that will be sure to bring out your winter personality. Buy it for $950.0.0.

Grayers Geneva Windbreaker

If you need a jacket that has extra space for tools or small necessities you absolutely need to be on your person, this jacket has all that and more. Get it today for $74.98.

Taylor Stitch The Hardtrack Sweater Exclusive

This sweater is made from premium yak wool, guaranteeing you the utmost warmth while also being cruelty free as this material is only harvested from them as they naturally fall off. Who wouldn’t want this sweater just because of this fact? This is priced at $248.00.

Marine Layer Clayton Textured Pullover

This button down pullover is simple, easy and uncomplicated. Unbutton a few for even more breathability. Buy yourself one for $98.00.

Portuguese Flannel Linen

This simple and easy shirt takes the trouble out of picking and choosing before stepping out the door. Save yourself some time and grab this ultra simple shirt that’s good to layer and reliable. Buy one for $62.98.

Proof 72 Hour Merino Tee

This simple nylon shirt with its round neck is fashionable and can go with anything. Buy it and its varying colors only for $72.00.

Marine Layer Banks Pullover Hoodie

If you crave storage in your hoodies, this one has a kangaroo pouch that’s fun and easily accessible. Buy this hoodie for $98.00.

La Paz Matias Hoodie

This warm and comfy hoodie is just the right amount of thickness, so you’re comfortable and not suffocated. Grab this hoodie for the great price of just $124.00.