Tips For Wearing A Fruit Print Dress

First, consider the type of fabric used in the dress. For example, lightweight cotton is great for summer days while chiffon is ideal for more formal occasions. Choose the material that best fits your lifestyle so that you can feel comfortable in it all day long. Second, think about what colors balance well with the fruits on your dress. A bright red apple may look stunning against a navy blue background or an orange citrus print could work nicely with shades of green or yellow. Pick complementary colors to accentuate the design and make sure everything blends together nicely when you put on your outfit. Third, accessorize! Necklaces, earrings, and scarves are great ways to add texture and interest to an otherwise plain dress without overpowering its unique patterned design. If you’re feeling daring why not try experimenting with bold prints like polka dots or stripes? The key is finding pieces that don’t compete with each other but complement one another instead this will ensure your overall look stays cohesive yet interesting!
Fourth, choose footwear wisely sandals or ballet flats work best as they won’t distract from the main attraction your beautiful fruit print dress). Avoid heavy boots or trainers unless you want to go for a more relaxed vibe if so then make sure there’s still contrast between them and what you’re wearing up top! Finally, don’t forget about makeup! Your lip color should bring out any subtle hues in your outfit so stay away from dark colors unless they match perfectly think berry tones if you have cherries on your dress!. Mascara and blush also help tie everything together by adding extra definition around the eyes/cheeks; just remember not to do too much so that it doesn’t take away from how fabulous you look in your unique garment! By following these simple tips you can easily pull off wearing a fruit print dress no matter where life takes you this summer season good luck fashionistas!