Tips For Wearing Silver Metallic Clothing

Choose the Right Fabric: When it comes to choosing fabric for silver metallic clothing, look for fabrics that have an inherent shine or sparkle such as silk, satin, and lame. These fabrics will give the garment a subtle shimmer without being too flashy. Avoid fabrics such as cotton and linen which can dull down the metallic effect. Keep Accessories Simple: Silver metallic clothing looks best when kept simple; avoid large statement pieces that could draw attention away from the garment itself. Choose classic accessories like small stud earrings or delicate necklaces in neutral tones so they don’t clash with the brightness of your outfit. If you must wear bolder accessories, stick to golds and bronzes instead of clashing colors like reds and blues. Pair With Neutrals: Silver may be bright but it still pairs well with neutrals like black, white, gray, and navy blue. These colors provide an ideal backdrop for your metallic ensemble while keeping it chic and understated at the same time. You can also incorporate other muted shades into your look such as blush pink or pastel yellow to add some subtle contrast without detracting from your outfit’s main focus – shimmery silver!
Mix High & Low Style: One of the biggest mistakes people make when wearing silver is being too matchy-matchy with their pieces; by mixing high-end items such as designer shoes with more affordable pieces like costume jewelry you’ll achieve a much more unique look that won’t damage your wallet either! Be Confident & Have Fun!: Above all else remember to have fun with this trend! Don’t be afraid to stand out in metallics embrace them! Wear them proudly knowing that you’re making a bold fashion statement that not everyone has the courage or style! to pull off successfully! By following these tips on how to wear silver metallic clothing correctly, you’ll ensure that no matter what occasion life throws at you you’ll always be dressed in style!