10 Storage Items You Should Have In Your Kitchen

#1 CHLOE KITCHEN CART WITH WHEELS Storages with wheels are so in right now as you can easily move them around. You can simply place the things you need to cook specific dishes on this kitchen cart and pull it towards you. You may move it back to the wall. #2 YBM HOME BAMBOO DRAWER ORGANIZER BOXES FOR HOME, KITCHEN, SET OF 5 This bamboo drawer organizer looks really neat and it allows you to organize and store your utensils in one place. This way, your utensils would not be all mixed up. #3 RANGE KLEEN 22-PIECE RED ENAMEL DOUBLE SHELF POT RACK If you do not have much space in your kitchen for your pots and pans and for your spatulas and mixing spoons, this rack is for you. You hang it from your ceiling and it doubles as a decoration as well as a storage space. It looks really pretty too. #4 ARTIFACTS RATTAN NAPKIN HOLDER, WHITE WASH This is a rattan napkin holder to make your table look more interesting. This piece is elegant but it is simple and neat at the same time perfect for both formal and casual meals.
#5 ROUND 4 PIECE GLASS CANISTERS These are basically just jars or glass canisters of different sizes. They are must haves in the kitchen for storing spices, nuts, pasta, and other ingredients. #6 REV-A-SHELF 5PSP-15-CR BLIND CORNER OPTIMIZER UNHANDED CHROME This storage piece maximizes the space in your cabinet. It also allows you to organize your kitchen items more efficiently. #7 TRISHA YEARWOOD COFFEE TALK DECORATIVE CANISTER, SET OF 2 If you want other canisters other than the glass ones, this really cute coffee canisters are perfect for you especially if you love coffee! They have really simple designs but are really cute still. You could store your cookies inside or even your coffee beans. #8 9 PIECE VACUUM FOOD STORAGE STORAGE CONTAINERS, RECTANGLE This is another storage item that is perfect for when you have leftover food. This extends the life of your food and keeps them safe from bacteria. They also have seals preventing leak. #9 BAMBOO DISH DRYING RACK, BROWN This is a bamboo piece that is perfect for minimalist homes. This enables your dishes to dry properly after being washed before you store them. #10 DOUBLE 35 QUART TOP MOUNT WASTE CONTAINER, FULL-ACCESS Of course in the kitchen, you need to dispose your waste properly and to segregate even. This really cute double waste container helps you to do that. It also looks really cute and clean that you would definitely want to have it in your kitchen.