Timeless Tableware You Should Add To Your Dining

1. Mini Plates

Many people just bring bread and dessert to the table without any plates. So, I think that mini plates are a very practical alternative to regular-sized ones. They’re very useful if you don’t want to dirty up a whole big plate for one or two bites of food, and they can fit more on the table at once if you’re serving multiple dishes.

2. Full Plates

If you’re serving multiple dishes and you don’t want to use mini plates, full plates are a nice choice. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that fits your table setting, whether it arranges dishes with or without a border or has a specific design like stripes.

3. Demi Plates

Demi plates are smaller versions of the square platter, and they’re useful if you only want to serve one or two dishes. They are also good for desserts or finger foods.

4. Midi Bowls

Midi bowls can be used to serve both soups and desserts. They’re also nice if you want to line a dish with greens or fruits.

You can use them as individual servings, or you can stack them up along with the main dish on a bigger plate to make the whole arrangement look much fancier.

Midi bowls work perfectly matched with other midi-sized tableware like plates, cups, etc.

5. Night + Day Carafe

Carafes are so much more than just containers for water or wine. If you put either one inside a carafe and put the whole thing on a full plate, it will look like an instant centerpiece.

You can use carafes as bowls to serve fruit salad, ice cream, papaya salad, and other desserts without any plate underneath.

6. Night + Day Glasses

You may have a lot of glassware on your dining table, but you don’t necessarily need them all to serve drinks. Glasses are extremely versatile and cool, so they can be used alone or as stems to hold other tableware.

7. Gather Bowls

If you have a large dining table and good plates to serve up your food, but you don’t want all your guests staring at the empty table, then gathering bowls are a great choice. They look very elegant and work great for serving soups, salads, and some desserts.

8. Gather Platters

Gather platters work nicely with gathered bowls and plates. If you have a large dining table, these are a perfect choice. A little cap at the bottom of the plate is also very nice to make it look like a real centerpiece. They can be used as individual or stackable serving dishes as well.