10 Stylish Carpets For Your Home

1. Irregular Shapes and Patterns

A colorful design with irregular shapes and patterns pays tribute to modern art. The varying details tickle the imagination. It is a style suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. It is never a bore when this is around.

2. Decorative Wild Tiger

Your dreams of traveling to India or Africa to see a tiger are satisfied with a decorative wild tiger rug. The orange color is so striking you can’t miss it. This artistic drawing on a black background accentuates the detailing of the mighty beast.

3. Colorful and Checkered Prints

Colorful and checkered prints are vibrant additions to your home. It is a design suitable for children’s playrooms or nurseries. It has a youthful vibe that kids will love.

4. Tricky and Twisted Design

Add a dash of mystery to the household with a tricky and twisted design. The swirling patterns give the illusion that the rug is sinking. Do not be fooled. Take your time for a second look.

5. Detailed Persian-Inspired Rug

Authentic Persian carpets are expensive. But having a small detailed Persian-inspired rug is cheaper. It is also easier to clean and manage. It will look great in the living room, bedroom, or study.

6. Artistic Melting Smileys

Art lovers would love to decorate their rooms with artistic melting smileys. The drawing of the iconic symbol is in a different light. It is a fresh and whimsical take on the famous emoji.

7. Watercolor-Inspired Hues

Watercolor-inspired hues are not only for museum wall displays. It is also a decorative piece for the floor of households. It is a centerpiece for the bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

8. Retro Entertainment Memories

Remember when movies are only available on VHS tapes? And listening to music requires owning a cassette tape. A nostalgic retro entertainment memories design is a good reminder of this.

9. Peeping and Curious Kitty

Cat lovers will find this peeping and curious kitty adorable. It is a great way to welcome guests at the front door. Or a hilarious decor for the bathroom. Wherever it is a present, smiles and giggles will resonate on the walls.

10. Koi Fish Duo

Taking care of Koi fish is expensive. However, it does not mean you cannot have some inside your home. A Koi fish duo rug will bring good luck to any room. Plus, the colors are lovely and vibrant.


Rugs are like carpets when it comes to decorative purposes. The room will look brighter and have more character. It makes the atmosphere welcoming. So be sure to pick a design that suits the purpose of the theme you want to express.