12 Bathroom Improvements To Transform Your Home [2021]

In this article, we are going to go over 12 of the Best Improvements to your Bathroom to not only make you feel like a million bucks whenever you walk inside but ultimately result in you completely transforming your home. NUMBER 1: 71″ FREESTANDING BATHTUB This elegant and minimalist bathtub seems to scream modern luxury. Find yourself resting in this bathtub as it melts away all your worry, stress, and tension. NUMBER 2: ROUND COPPER JAPANESE SOAKING TUB Besides the fact that copper is naturally antibacterial, this Japanese soaking tub is so great due to its traditional Ofuro Japanese Style. While it may seem strange in a standard bathroom, you aren’t looking for “standard”. NUMBER 3: BELLATERRA 23″ MEDICINE CABINET An alternative take on the standard medicine cabinet, this contemporary design immediately grabs your attention, giving your bathroom that POP whenever you walk in. NUMBER 4: SURFACE MOUNT BATHROOM MEDICINE CABINET If you are looking for “run of the mill”, you’re in the wrong place. This cabinet has a sleek, beautiful design that adds a tremendous amount of elegance and class to your bathroom. NUMBER 5: STUDIO S SHOWER ONLY TRIM KIT Defined by sleek lines and superior performance, this shower kit is perfect for those that love great style and consistent water temperature and pressure. NUMBER 6: KOHLER PURIST 1-HANDLE BATHROOM FAUCET Combining modern and minimalist styles, this Purist bathroom sink facet is the perfect design for someone that enjoys the more modern and artistic design. The faucet allows you to preset a comfortable maximum temperature to ensure you never scald yourself as well as a brass construction for high levels of durability.
NUMBER 7: ARIA BATHROOM VANITY, BASE This vanity base is made from a high-end furniture-grade material with absolutely no MDF or cheap particle board. This results in a sturdier, more durable vanity that is of excellent quality. NUMBER 8: LUCERA WALL HUNG BATHROOM A classically simple design, this bathroom cabinet and sink will bring out the best in any household. NUMBER 9: NAPA 3 LIGHT BATHROOM SCONCE An elegant light fixture, this bathroom sconce ensures your area is one of high quality and value. NUMBER 10: LAMBERT 4-LIGHT VANITY FIXTURE Meant to streamline your bathroom’s overall look, these fixtures offer a clean and simple form that gives your entire bathroom a more refined look. NUMBER 11: AXENT.ONE C+ INTELLIGENT TOILET The toilet of the future, the AXENT.ONE completely changes and redefines personalized technology and intuitive design. Highly regarded for its award-winning bidet function, this toilet pretty much does it all. NUMBER 12: EUROTO EUROPEAN ELONGATED TOILET INTERIOR DESIGN ONE PC SIPHONIC DUAL FLUSH For those that are in need of a high functioning toilet that is incredibly luxurious with a modern design, the Euroto Toilet is the all in one package. This toilet’s clean, sleek look complements many different bathroom styles while being much more efficient than standard US toilets.