4 Best Thermostats That You Should Own Today

i. Smart Thermostat Premium

The Smart Thermostat Premium is Nest’s newest addition. This thermostat is their highest quality model with an air sensing feature that will monitor humidity levels in your home and automatically adjust accordingly.

ii. Smart Thermostat Enhanced

The Smart Thermostat Enhanced is one of Nest’s most popular models. This thermostat features a self-learning algorithm that will learn the temperature changes you make while it’s in Away mode, and then replicate those changes to save energy.

iii. Smart Thermostat with voice control

The Smart Thermostat with voice control is the newest model from Nest, but it’s being released in limited quantities at first. This particular model comes with a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to verbally set the temperature instead of fumbling with buttons on your thermostat all day long!

iv. ecobee3 lite

The ecobee3 lite is another fan favorite. This model comes with a built-in room sensor that will automatically adjust the temperature to a more desired level in that particular room. Also, you can expect the ecobee3 lite to monitor the humidity in your home and adjust its settings accordingly.

So there you have it! The four best thermostats that you should own today! I know it can be a hard choice (since you’re going to be living with this thing for months on end), but rest assured that one of these models will save you both time and energy over time.