5 Authentic NBA Jerseys

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 97-98 Jersey

There is nothing like wearing the jersey of one of the best basketball players of all time. He was in his prime when he played for the Chicago Bulls in the late 90s. At that time, nobody could beat his team and there was not a p[ayer who could possibly guard him. Jordan had everything you could ever wish for in a good basketball player.

Dream Team Michael Jordan Jersey

When Michael Jordan joined the dream team, he joined a bunch of other NBA Legends. It was no surprise that the team routed everyone else on the way to getting the gold. They were pretty good and their offence and defence were on a different level. They were playing well no matter who was on the floor and Jordan stood out among players who were all good.

All-Star Michael Jordan Jersey

Jordan has been named to various all-start teams throughout the course of his career. For him, it was always a pleasure to play and represent the Eastern Conference even though the West was considered as having the better teams. He did not care and he always treated the All-star game seriously which was a good reason why he got a lot of minutes.

Los Angeles Lakers 00-01 Shooting Shirt

It is evident the Lakers were one of the popular teams not only in basketball but sports in general through the Kobe/Shaq era during the early 2000s. Hence, it would always feel good to wear this warm-up attire and practice your game while nobody else is at the court.

Houston Rockets Yao Ming Jersey

Nobody could believe how Yao Ming became the first CHinese player to be selected first overall at the NBA draft. Due to how tall he is, it was no surprise for him but the pressure was on. He put up must-see TV against the likes of Shaq and the Admiral. He put up pretty good numbers during his prime and he paved the way for other Asian players to pursue their dreamsj.