6 Benefits Of The Structured Immersion Method For Language Learning

Here are 6 benefits that schools and students will get through this method. 1-Effective structure Students quickly learn the chosen LANGUAGE Through the structured immersion method. This technique introduces the new language intuitively through audios and images of native speakers. New knowledge is naturally incorporated into the minds of the students. 2-Naturalness The structured immersion method gets students to incorporate the chosen LANGUAGE naturally. They learn a new word and build phrases and sentences from there. The process is developed by stimulating the reasoning of the students, who learn new concepts without excessive effort. 3-Learning the new language through meaning Students learn the chosen language through context, meaning and natural reasoning. Therefore there is no need for instructions or translations. Students learn the chosen LANGUAGE In the same way they learned their native language.
4-Fluent Conversations Students acquire the ability to construct fluent conversations by speaking the new language aloud. This builds their confidence in communicating with others, which leads to proficiency in their chosen LANGUAGE. 5-Well-Done Reports Rosetta Stone provides schools with detailed reports on the learning progress of their students. The structured immersion approach is tailored to each student’s learning process. The school is aware of each student’s potential in the new LANGUAGE And can work on perfecting it. 6-Guided learning program in the classroom Teachers can choose various activities to develop the learning of the chosen LANGUAGE within the classroom. The program proposes activities of oral expression, written expression, reading and listening comprehension for the students to incorporate the chosen language comprehensively. In the short term, students become familiar with the new language and feel confident when developing it in writing or orally.