6 Cat Litter Robot & Parts To Make Clean And Comfortable

1) Litter robot 3 connects the essentials bundle

With this bundle, you will have reduced litter box odor, less litter tracking, and no more scooping.

* Comes in beige and gray color

* Comes with litter robot 3 connect, ramp and fence, 25 waste drawer liners, and 3 carbon filters

* Comes with a 3-year warranty

2) Feeder robot warranty bundle

Your cat will never miss its meal with this feeder robot that is enabled with wifi.

* Comes with 4 options

* Can choose to feed on the app or the unit

* Comes with anti-jam technology and can hold up to 32 cups

3) Clean bundle

A highest-rated self-cleaning litter box that can make sure the cats and the surroundings are clean.

* The trap mat comes in 4 colors

* Comes with all-natural cleaner wipes

* Comes with ramp, fence, carbon filters, cleaner wipes, and 25 waste drawer liners

4) LR 3 Ramp

This ramp can be attached to the front of the litter robot to give easier access to your cat.

* Comes in 2 colors

* Comes with non-slip rubber feet

* Simple to install and comes with a textured surface

5) Litter robot 3

This self-cleaning robot litter is a wonder because you never need to scoop again.

* Helps reduce litter box odor

* Ideal for cats 5 lbs and above

* Comes with an 18-month warranty

6) LR3 drawer

This is a replacement in case of any issue because it has a warranty.

* Comes in 2 colors

* Comes with 1 step mat, 1 carbon filter, and 3 waste drawer liners

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