7 Best Air Purifiers To Keep Your House Fresh And Safe

AIR MINI Molekule’s Air Mini Purifier is perfect for keeping small rooms of up to 250 square feet surrounded by fresh air. Its mini size creates convenience for you to carry and place it anywhere you desire. AIR MINI+ For a more advanced purifier for compact rooms, air mini+ is the best choice as it includes an option to detect unwanted particles and get rid of them. You can also enable its Auto-Protect mode to purify dirty air by increasing its airflow. MOLEKULE AIR Viruses, toxic chemicals, and dirty air can be everywhere inside your house, which is why having a purifier is a game-changer. This Molekule Air is your best choice to protect your family from bacteria and dangerous pollutants. It’s ideal to place it on larger areas as its range is up to 600 square ft.
AIR PRO You can also maximize the level of protection even for larger areas of your house with Molekule’s Air Pro. Its range can cover up to 1000 square ft, which can deliver three times stronger airflow. AIR PRO RX Air Pro RX is specifically designed for hospitals, hotels, schools, malls, and other high-traffic facilities. Its huge capacity and premium quality are approved and proven to reduce the risk of large spaces accumulating bacteria, dirty air, viruses, and toxic chemicals. AIR PRO BUNDLE For larger homes with various rooms, Molekule also offers bundle deals that you will love. One of their great offers is the Air Pro Bundle which consists of 2 Air Pro and 2 Air Mini+. You can save up to $355 for the bundle. MOLEKULE AIR FILTERS You don’t have to worry about changing the filters of your purifiers, as Molekule also has replacement filters that are all integrated with PECO technology.