8 Stylish Yet Affordable Centerpieces For Your Home

Floral Garden 5-Stem White Velvety Roses, 14 in.

You can use these beautiful faux white roses to create magnificent flower arrangements. It has wired stems that make them easy to arrange. Perfect for your home or special occasions.

Floral Garden Pastel Colored Greenery Bushes, 12×7 in.

These flowers will add a dash of color to your home or an event. It’s a great way to make space come to life.

Floral Garden Modern Fall Peonies, 14-in.

Another colorful bunch of flowers that you can use as a centerpiece. Or you can use these to add to a flower arrangement to make it pop. Also perfect for schools and restaurants.

Clear Glass Cylinder Vases, 7.25×3.25 in.

This is a simple vase that will never go out of style. It’s perfect for both modern and traditional homes. The possibilities are endless with this vase.

Clear Glass Pot Belly Vases, 7×4.375 in.

If you want a vase with a more dramatic shape then this pot belly vase is perfect for you. You can use this to hold flowers, stones, gems, and other decorative items.

Roman Urn Clear Glass Candleholders, 3.25×4.5 in.

This simple yet elegant candle holder is perfect for special occasions such as weddings and banquets. You can use this with a votive candle to create a romantic ambiance.

Glass Candleholders with Wooden Stands, 3.5×2.75-in.

These will look stylish, especially with lit tealight candles inside. The wooden stands give these candle holders a unique look.

Square Glass Candleholders, 3 in.

A lit candle can instantly add warmth to an otherwise bland room. These are small enough to be placed on your desk or on a countertop.