9 Bird Supplies For Your Little Winged One

Large Bird Starter Kit Yaheetech 69-inch Parrot Cage with Detachable Stand

Featuring an ultra generous space for your parrot or similar avian pet, the Large Bird Starter Kit comes with several extras, such as rolling caster wheels and a slew of doors, ladders, and tiered panels. It comes with several bags of bird food your pet will surely love.

Penn-Plax Bird Life Cement and Acrylic Bird Swing

Give your pet something to do with this dual-function bird swing slash trimming tool. The perch is made from cement, which keeps your bird’s beak and nails in check, and the crushed sea shells provide a welcome source of calcium.

Mini Bird Stand Green Large

It’s just what your feathered friend needs- a bird stand where they can sit and watch you or your family members go about your day. It comes in three sizes and instantly creates a new play area for them to perch on.

Mango Pet Dyna-mite Mite and Lice Bird Spray

Keep your bird free from nasty lice and mites with a proven effective formula. Spray-on makes it easy for your pet to get protection.

Bagel Cascade Bird Toy

A cascade toy that’s sure to entertain your feathered avian for hours or days, the toy is safe for them to play with. The peel and chew cardboard fatty bagels are tasty, and when it’s all gone you can refill and extend the fun.

Featherland Paradise Cuttlefish Bone Bird Toy

A staple in any bird owner’s home, the cuttlefish bone is a toy that has an added health benefit. Your pet can trim their beaks on it, and the item encourages preening and conditioning as well. It’s suitable for any cage size and offers hours of play for your bird.

Flock Fest Dried Mealworms Adult Poultry Treats

Treat your pet with a high-protein snack. Mealworms can also be given to fish, hamsters, and turtles, among others. The bag is resealable, and you won’t need to refrigerate.

Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food

Nearly all kinds of birds love peanuts, and you can pamper your avian friend with a bag of these treats. There are no germinating seeds or fillers, and there are both whole and split peanuts for an easier ‘grab and eat’ routine.

Kalmbach Feeds All Natural Protein Layer Crumbles

The ultimate food for hens, this protein package contains enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics to support immune and digestive health.