Best Blinds For Every House And Room

1. Cordless 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds provide a clear view of the outside when open and sufficient privacy when closed. They will give your windows the look of real wood and the cordless feature makes them perfect for small kids or pets. They are available in different width and height options, to match your every space.

2.LightBlocker 1 Inch Mini Blinds

Those aluminum blinds are available in a variety of beautiful colors to choose from. They are perfect for French doors or shallow-deep windows. Their advanced finish ensures that no dust, scratches, or bacteria are likely to gather. These mini blinds are available in either a 6-gauge or 8-gauge thickness.

3. Deluxe 2 Inch Wood Blinds

Made from premium quality American basswood, these original 2-inch wood blinds are ideal for every modern home decoration. Some of their greatest features are the following: they are lightweight, warp-resistant, and extremely easy to clean. Their look can be further elevated with the addition of cloth tape.

4. Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Perfect for larger windows or sliding glass doors, these vinyl vertical blinds are made of high-quality aluminum and are extremely durable. Instead of the chain-and-cord control, you can place a white wand. The blinds are available in different colors, some of which are impressive, like the Raw Silk White or Cottonwood Off options.

5. Bali Vinyl Vertical Blinds

What customers mostly love about these blinds is the amount of versatility they offer. As the sun’s angle changes through the day, the blinds can provide the utmost privacy all day long. They come in different colors, and since they are vinyl, you can rest assured that they will stand against wear and tear and can be easily cleaned.

6. Classic 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

If you wish your room to acquire the look of finely stained hardwood, then these classic blinds are a great option. The great thing about this model is the fact that it can resist moisture, peeling, and chipping. Therefore, they are great for places with increased humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.

7. Bali Northern Heights 2 Inch Wood Blinds

Made of 100% pure American hardwood, the quality and durability of these blinds are unquestionable. They feature durable light-weight slats, and they are available in different colors and tones, ranging from deep choices, like Ebony to subtle ones, like Duck White.

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