How To Brooch The Subject: A Guide To Wearing A Unique Accessory

First, choose the right size of brooch for your look. If you’re wearing an oversized jacket or sweater, opt for a larger piece of jewelry in order to draw attention and make it stand out more. If you’re wearing something simple like jeans and a T-shirt, then you should choose something smaller that won’t overpower your look. You should also consider the design of the brooch; go with something eye-catching that will really pop against whatever you’re wearing. Next, decide where on your outfit you want to place the pin. For example, some people prefer to wear their brooch close to their neckline so it can be seen easily while others might want it pinned onto their lapel or blazer pocket instead. It all depends on what kind of look you are going for and how much attention you want your accessory to draw.
The last step is choosing how many brooches will complete your look best one or two usually look best depending on what type of clothing item they are being worn with (e.g., jackets often only need one). However, if layering multiple items such as cardigans or sweaters together then two would work better as this will create more visual interest within an outfit overall. So there we have it now that we know how to wear our favorite accessory properly let’s get started! Whether it’s dressing up an everyday outfit with subtle sparkle or adding sentimentality by passing down vintage pieces from generation to generation there is always room in our wardrobes for these timeless beauties known as “brooches.”