Like Like In The Fairytales With This Disney Elegant Wine Sets

Mickey Mouse Hanukkah Wine Set

This elegant wine glass design is very unique for a wine set tableware because of its elegant prints that resemble Orthodox symbolism. This wine set is perfect for gifts too! See the item at his link: Mickey Mouse Hanukkah Wine Glass Set

EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2022 Stemless Glass

Be part of the epic scene with this stemless glass that has a very classy appeal. Enjoy your wine moments with your guests and family! See the item at this link: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2022 Stemless Glass

EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2022 Stemmed Glass

This one option for your wine sets is a show stealer. Its incredibly sleek design has a closed rim while a wider bottom making it perfect for any type of liquor.

Drink-It all Glass

This may not be the classic wine glass, but it is truly a wonderful glass that you can serve your guests and loved ones with. This tall glass structure can contain more beverages, may not be wine, but even a sparkling drink will go and it will turn your party into a mesmerizing event!

Disney Beer Mug

This mug is like taking you back to the medieval ages when Vikings and Pirates drank their hearts out to full happiness, freedom, and joy. This glass mug is truly a wonderful twist to your dinner night! Enjoy every bit of the moment with these Stylish design Disney mugs.

Cinderella Mug for your magnificent liquor

Define a more medieval effect on your environment and sensations to your drinking session of any favorite drink with the glamorous prints of this carved cup. Thus, you can also add these to your collections of displays!

Disney Wedding Glass Classic

Never miss out on sipping your favorite drink with this fairytale-like design that looks really like an ethereal treasure. This glass comes with a very chic and princess-like elegance that looks like a diamond. You can serve your whiskey or brandy in this tableware jewel.