List Of Invitation Cards

List of Invitation cards

1. Wedding Invitations card

The wedding invitations card is the first thing you present to your guests at the wedding. This first impression allows everyone to know who you are and that your wedding will be super fun. You can include personalized messages, photos or anything else you want to add in this special mailer. These cards have been designed by My Wedding Invitations and send a playful message that blends modernism with old-fashioned vibes making them suitable as couple’s invitations, bridal shower invitations, table cards, and guest’s thank you note cards.

2. Business Invitations

For those that are working during their wedding, the business invite cards could be a good option to include. It gives a different tone than the typical wedding invitations but still conveys you are having fun.

3. Wedding Save The Dates

‘Save the Dates’ are an important aspect of your wedding. It will allow your guests to be more prepared and aware of their upcoming plans with you.

4. Baby

Baby ceremonies could be very important in some cultures, so it is good to include them into your invitations. They are a follow-up day for the couple.

5. Birthday Party Invitations

This party is something very different from the others. It is a celebration of an anniversary or birthday in general. Either way, it can be a good opportunity to include your family and friends into the event.

6. Cancelled / Postponed Announcements

Some couples have to cancel their wedding due to some circumstances, such as family sickness, a death or some other event. It is always wise to show your support and let your guests know what is going on with you.

7. Entertaining Invitations

An entertaining invitation lets the guest know that you are going to have a great time, it’s going to be playful and fun.


Think of the final outcome, think about your guest and how you want to involve them into your special day. These invitation cards will let you include all the details and moments you want to remember forever. The perfect invitation card is a good starting point for any ceremony. It defines the tone you are trying to set and it sends a clear message of your personality and style.