List Of Lamp Shades Available

List of Lamp shades available

1. Table Lamp Shades

This is one of the most popular kinds of shades for lamps. They’re usually made of fabric and come in a variety of styles and colors. They are usually easy to find, since they are a fairly common type of shade.

2. Drum Lamp Shades

These shades are much more unique than the previous type. They look like miniature lampshades, and are usually seen in more industrial or vintage homes. Drum lamp shades are a type of shade that you don’t see very often.

3. Floor Lamp Shades

These shades aren’t commonly seen. However, they are pretty attractive when placed in the right environment. They are a large shade that hangs from the bottom of the lamp, usually made of fabric.

4. Exclusive Art Shades

These shades are the most unique type. There are several different kinds of art shades you can choose from, some of which include: Tiffany shades, glass lamp shades, stained glass etc.

5. Small Table Lamps If you’re looking for a lamp shade to save space, try to find one that is small enough to fit on a table lamp. This will save you some space on your dresser/desk, and give you more room to decorate your room.

6. Shade Sets Lamp Shades

This kind of shade usually comes in a set of two, three or four. One dimension is usually bigger than the second, and the two are designed to look like they’re one shade.

7. Ivory Linen Chimney Shade – 6x17x11.5 (Spider)

This is a popular style of lamp shade, and it is also one of the most beautiful shades that you can get today. It comes in many colors, but one of the most common colors is white.


That wraps up our list. Did you find any shades that you liked? Make sure to take a look around our website for more decorating ideas, as well as some other home décor products.