List Of Notebooks Available

1. Circa Botanical Sliver Notebook with Pockets

This notebook comes in a beautiful natural color of purple and has a design of an over-sized flower. It is to be used as an inspiration journal where you can jot down whatever inspiring thoughts you have. It comes with a page of lines, a grid, a graph, and illustrations.

2. Circa Composition Notebook

This compact notebook is available in a slate gray color. It has a classic design with loads of space for jotting down your ideas. The cover is designed to be slightly slanted so that when you open it you can see the page without having to crumple it up from the edge.

3. Circa Purple Majesty Sliver Notebook

A simple notebook that comes with a botanical illustration on the cover in purple and green. It has an elastic pen holder that is built into the notebook for convenient storage of your pen.

4. Circa Turqwood Notebook

This notebook is available in two different colors. The first color is turquoise and the second color is dark green. The cover design has an image of a tree on it, which is meant to ward off evil spirits while encouraging you to create good ideas.

5. Circa Turqwood Kit

This is the combo pack of the turquoise version of the notebook and a pack of highlighters. The notebook has a blank cover so you can write in it yourself.

6. Circa Stenographer Pad

This notebook has a very unique design. The front cover is a stenographer’s pad, complete with old-style writing slates and pens. The notebook opens to display ruled pages inside.

7. Circa Snap Notebook

This is a classic notebook that has a flexible plastic cover. The notebook is available in grey with a black elastic strap for your pen to be placed.

8. Luxe Circa Zip Pro Folio

This notebook features a zip closure to the front cover, which makes it very comfortable to use. It comes in a variety of colors and has a small pocket on the inside page for holding your stationery items.


Considering all the notebooks available, it is safe to say that there is a notebook for everyone. Each notebook has its unique design and layout it does not matter if you are left or right-handed. A lot of people like having a notebook for their inspirational thoughts or as an organizer because there is something to be said about keeping your thoughts and ideas organized in one place.