Perfect And Unique-shaped Vases And Containers

Clear Glass Cylinder

This vase has an undeniably minimalist and timeless style that you can use all year round! you just need to change its content and you will benefit from it!

Clear Round Glass Floral Bowls

Vases and flower containers don’t always have to be vertically elongated, Flowers bowls can make unique and new ways to decorate your home and define a new home decorating style.

Floral Garden Plastic Crafting Cloche

Have a magical indoor garden for your fully bloomed harvest! This glass container can store not only flowers but also any other memorabilia that you want to make a focal point of your interiors. You can contain this with a photo frame, a trophy, an award plaque, a figurine, or any other antique collectible.

Floral Garden Metal Hanging Wall Vase

Flowers, faux or fresh not only need to be put on any tabletop or flat surface. You can now style flowers by placing and decorating them on walls through these wall-hung flower containers. your flowers now have other places to be hung with this elegant and unique wall-hung vase.

Colorful Translucent Square Plastic Vase

This vase set comes with colored glass vases that are truly minimalistic and stylish. give your white-washed colored home an elegant and vibrant touch with these vases to match. These pieces are perfect for matching with monotonous colored furnishings.

Floral Garden Round Plastic Terrarium Dishes

blend your flowers with candles and precious crystals with this flat bowl where you can enjoy more of the decorative elements all in one container! You can add potpourris and scent diffusers together with your flower arrangements with this classic and elegant low-height bowl.

Clear Glass Hurricane Stem Vase

A curvy glass container gives a lively character to your interiors. Let this elegant collectible define and add flowy beauty to any tabletop or window sill.

Clear Glass Pot Belly Vase

Aside from vases and containers, a sleek vase or a container that can serve as a flower vase or a cookie jar is a very good choice in buying such a home collectible.