The Best Sheets And Pillows For The Perfect Bedroom

1. Percale Sheet Set

Percale sheets are a good choice for the best bedding because they feel crisp and light on your skin. They don’t trap body heat, and they are much cooler than other types of sheets. If you sleep uncomfortably hot, choose percale sheets to give your body a comfortable temperature while you sleep. A percale sheet set will also last longer than other types of sheets, so it is a good investment that will give you many years of restful sleep.

2. Percale Flat Sheet

A percale flat sheet is a great companion to your percale sheet set. While you fold the top of the fitted sheet over your mattress, you’ll want a flat sheet to cover the whole bed. The flat sheets are available in twin and full/queen sizes, so they’re versatile enough for most bed sizes.

3. Percale Fitted Sheet

If you don’t like a flat sheet to cover your bed, you can use a fitted sheet to line the top of your mattress. This will give you extra skin-to-sheet contact and make it more comfortable for you while you sleep. It is also a good choice if the bottoms of your sheets are too thin to provide much support, or if they are too scratchy when you put them on.

4. Percale Pillowcase Pair

After a long day, there’s nothing like slipping your head into a nice soft pillowcase. A percale pillowcase pairs well with your percale sheets because they feel as crisp and light as the sheets do. The pillowcases feature two standard-size pillow openings that fit most standard-size pillows.

5. Sateen Sheet Set

If you want an indulgent feel in your sheets, choose a sateen sheet set. Sateen sheets are made with long, smooth fibers that create a shiny, soft finish. The sateen weave traps more body heat than percale sheets do, but they feel much cozier and smoother to the touch than regular cotton. Although sateen sheets aren’t as durable as percale ones are, they are more comfortable when it comes to sleeping at night.

6. Sateen Flat Sheet

The sateen flat sheet features a similar weave as the sheets do, so it is soft and smooth to the touch. The flat sheets are available in twin, full/queen, and king sizes so they can fit most bed sizes.