The Must-Have Legends Series

1 Kyro Wand Massager Set

This beautifully crafted massager and extra toys offer endless possibilities for pleasure. The entire set is well made and indulges the senses. Perfect for adult pleasure at any time.

2 Bess Massager

This massager is what you need in your life when you want to find all of those pleasure centres. The name is borrowed from the Egyptian Goddess Bastet who knew everything about sensuality and pleasure. Promises to give you the perfect experience and it does. Just like the goddess herself, you will love it.

3 Queen G spot Massager and Suction Sleeve

Whether used for self-pleasure or when playing with your best friend, this is a set you are going to love. Delivers perfect sensual vibrations just where you need them. Never fails to find the spot. Perfectly shaped and gives so much pleasure again and again.

4 Wearable Vibrator

Thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi you can wear this vibrator. It can be operated by yourself or a partner who enjoys sensual pleasures as much as you do. Fantastic for an adult play date.

5 King Vibrating Thruster

Looking for more intense pleasure? In that case, you will love the King Vibrating Thruster. This is the ultimate toy when you would like to experience intense pleasure. Thanks to its unique design, it gives you the best thrusting and vibrating experience you can humanity enjoy.

A great choice for both couples and those who prefer solo play. Simply a must-have for anybody.

6 Bayek Vibrating Couples’ Ring

This is a treat for the two of you. When you feel you want to enhance the experience, this vibrating couples’ ring has it all. Comfortable to use and helps to maximize pleasure. You will love the added remote control function. It is a unique gift to couples who like to make the most out of their personal time together.