9 iPhone 14 Plantcore Cases To Dress Up And Protect Your Phone

iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Indie Stickers

It’s playful, colorful and more importantly, built to take a beating for your precious phone. The clear case sports all the cute stickers you’d want to show to friends and colleagues.

iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Aces

Are you a jack of all trades kind of guy (or girl), and want that style to reflect on your phone case? This is definitely the one to get. Featuring a translucent black with a white ace logo, this cool plant-based case is sure to collect envious looks.

iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Aura

Make your iPhone 14 glow from within with this magnificent and mysterious iPhone PopSocket case. AirBag bumpers keep your device safe on drops of up to 10 feet or less.

iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Baeby Pink

Bring the vibes with a loud and proud pink color case for your iPhone 14. It offers drop protection as well as MagSafe charging, and it looks snazzy and right for every occasion.

iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Cosmic Slime

Aliens exist! At least in case form, anyway. This iPhone 14 Plantcore case features various space icons arranged haphazardly, and they’re slime-colored for that weird yet satisfying hue. Get one for your iPhone today!

iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe Soul Food

A plant-based case that plays on the nutritional facts you’d normally see on food. Now you’ll have a chance to know what a human being consists of (not really). The clear case shows off your iPhone 14 in all its hardware glory and doesn’t compromise on protection.

iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Moon

Fascinated by space, celestial bodies and more specifically, the moon? Now your phone can wear your enthusiasm and get protected by everyday wear and tear. The Popsocket grip lets you hold onto your device more securely than without.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Opalescent Blue for MagSafe

An opalescent case that matches the sky on a clear and sunny day. The Plantcore case has MagSafe charging capabilities and cutouts for your camera and charging port, among others.

iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Clear

Those who want a clear case can get this PopSocket Plantcore item right now. It’s made with high quality plastic that stays clear and white for years. The built-in socket stabilizes your grip whenever you put your iPhone 14 out to use.