The Ultimate Pregnancy Exercise Guide For Moms-to-Be

Firstly, depending on your pre-pregnancy fitness level and medical history, consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program during pregnancy. Most doctors will advise you to engage in low-impact activities such as walking or swimming rather than more intense exercises such as running or weightlifting. Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit during pregnancy because it doesn’t put too much strain on the body, allowing for an increased range of motion without overexerting yourself. Swimming is also great because not only does it provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout, but it also provides relief from back pain associated with carrying extra weight around your midsection due to pregnancy. Yoga is another excellent form of exercise that helps keep you flexible and toned while providing stress relief during this time in your life. It is important throughout all forms of exercise that you remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after workouts as dehydration can cause premature labor contractions. You should also listen closely to your body since each woman experiences different levels of exhaustion if something feels off then take time out until you feel ready again overtime isn’t worth risking mom’s health or baby’s wellbeing! 
Finally, there are some activities that should be avoided altogether when pregnant: anything involving contact sports like kickboxing; high-intensity interval training (HIIT); any activity involving jerky movements; horseback riding; scuba diving; hot yoga; skiing/snowboarding; lying flat on your back for extended periods beyond 15 minutes at a time; bouncy trampoline sessions, etc. All these activities could come with risks including fall injuries both for the baby and mother due to loose ligaments caused by hormone changes & relaxation in joints from the pregnancy itself! To sum up: exercising regularly through all three trimesters can help maintain the physical strength & endurance needed for labor & delivery giving moms peace of mind their bodies will be able to handle whatever comes through their journey into motherhood!