10 Best Passenger Luggage For Your Next Trip

Here are some of the best types of passenger luggage to consider in your next purchase:

1. Check-In L Twist

Coming with a flex-divider, this gorgeous luggage will ensure all your items stay in perfect shape throughout your transit. It has a multi-wheel system to give you great balance even when you’re literally running around.

2. Classic Check-In L

This matte black Classic Check-In suitcase makes a classy pick to meet your luxury travel needs. It features a telescopic handle, with a leather insert for easy adjustment and optimum comfort as you move around.

3. Original Silver Cabin

You can never go with aluminum luggage. The lightweight Original cabin’s iconic design is not only undeniably striking but also durable. It can perfectly fit in most airplane’s overhead bins.

4. Essential Check-In L

Coming with a sleek finish, this large polycarbonate suitcase offers you enough room for up to 10 days trips. It’s impressively strong to guarantee you durability, and super light for easy portability.

5. Hybrid Check-In M

If you are a heavy traveler, you will appreciate the longevity of the Hybrid Check-In M suitcase. It’s large enough to accommodate items for up to 5 days and comes with an extra leather luggage tag and sticker set.

6. Original Titanium Cabin S

You can never go wrong with lightweight and good construction luggage. This piece will come in handy for those emergency out of town meetings.

7. Essential Sleeve Cabin S Matte Blue

There’s always something thrilling about matte blue. This essential luggage will not only give you the attention you deserve but also give your laptop a safe trip with its laptop compartment.

8. Original Pink Camo Cabin

Sometimes all you need is a little color to make your trip more memorable. And this pink Camo suitcase offers you that and TSA-approved locks for easy closing and opening.

9. Green Camo Original Cabin

If Pink Camo luggage doesn’t work for you, you might want to get this Green Camo piece instead. Its dynamic patterns scream sophistication. Plus it’s highly durable and impressively lightweight.

10. Essential Sleeve Compact

You don’t need much luggage for a 1-2 days trip. This compact suitcase will comfortably meet your needs, and even provide secure storage for your laptop in its external and exterior laptop compartments.