10 Watches That Should Be On Your Shortlist

10. The Station Agent Automatic Watch 45mm

The Station Agent is an elegant and versatile watch. Suitable for both casual and more formal outfits, the watch looks and feels premium. The bezel and case come in a chrome finish while the hands and dial are coated with fluorescent paint. On the back, the watch has a see-through exhibition case.

9. The Vinton 38mm

For a more formal outfit such as a tuxedo, the Vinton is a great choice. Made in a 38 mm case, the watch features a chromed bezel and strap. The dial has a navy blue finish which makes it very elegant. To keep the design simple, the watch comes without a pusher but has an easy-to-access crown.

8. The Sea Creatures 40mm

Some watches have a certain design that makes them suitable for a beach outfit. The Sea Creatures is one such example. With a blue bezel and case as well as a blue band and dial, the watch simply stands out with its vibrant and sporty design.

7. The Canfield 43mm

The Canfield is another elegant watch that works well with a smart casual or formal outfit. Made with mostly chromed elements, the watch features a blue dial and a metal band. The model uses a thin bezel and comes in a luxurious wooden box.

6. The Mackinac 40mm

If you are looking for a watch that is less traditional and has a more daring design, you need to check out The Mackinac. It is a colorful watch with a yellow band and a square case. The dial inside the case is still round and it is colored in the same vibrant yellow.

5. The Traveler 42mm

The Traveler is the kind of watch you would see on someone going on a Safari trip. It has a rugged textile band, stainless steel case, and a black dial. The watch comes with two sub-dials, an easy-to-use crown, and two pushers.

4. The Canfield Sport 40mm

The Canfield Sport is a watch that stands out due to its design and choice of colors. Using only stainless steel, the watch features a blue metal band and a blue dial. Blue access can be observed on the bezel and the interior sub-dials.

3. The Duck 42mm

Youthful and sporty watches usually have combinations of different colors. The Duck is a watch that stands out with its yellow band and blue dial. For the bezel, the watch uses a combination of blue and red. The watch does not have a sub-dial and has a compact case.

2. The Forged Carbon Monster Automatic 45mm

The Forged Carbon Monster is a large wristwatch. With a thick bezel and solid case, the watch was made to be durable and withstand abuse. It comes with a durable orange band and orange accents on the bezel and dial.

1. The Daily Wear Detrola 43mm

The Daily Wear Detola is a very versatile watch. It works well with a casual outfit, something sporty, or even something more elegant. The watch uses a silicone band and has a vibrant blue dial. It has a slim bezel and a trough exhibition back case.