7 Colorful And Safe Bath Supplies

7 Colorful and Safe Bath Supplies

1) Recline Bather

It’s a comfortable and safe bather for 0-6 months old. It has drainage holes, a rubber padded center, and two reclining positions. So, it’s an ideal bather for your newborn.

2) Hooded Terry Towel

It’s a 100% cotton terry towel with a hood. The towel is tested and it has a 3D design. It can absorb water quickly and your baby would love it.

3) Bath Spout Cover

During shower time, spouts in the bathtub can cause accidents. Hence, you should use this softcover to save your baby’s head from bumps.

4) Bathtime Basketball

To make your baby’s shower time interesting, you can use this basketball toy. It has suction cups and it’s easy to install. So, it could be a good sport for your baby.

5) Fishing Fox

This game can you keep your baby busy. You will get three fishes and a rod. So, your baby would find it an engaging game in the bathtub.

6) Bath Mat

It’s a non-slip bath mat and you can dry it quickly. The suction cups behind this bath mat can keep it fixed to the position. It has good drainage. So, it’s an ideal bath mat.

7) Starfish Shower Head

With a six-foot hose, this cute-looking shower head can be your baby’s friend. Your baby would love its touch and you won’t face any problem giving your baby a good shower.

The above bath supplies can entertain and engage your baby. But, at the same time, moms will also get a chance to clean their babies. So, pick some of these bath items and give your baby a joyful shower.