7 Must-have Spooky Backpacks For Halloween

1. CARE BEARS GRUMPY BEAR BACKPACK – Grumpiness will not take away the fun this halloween. Here is the cute and blue backpack which is perfect for kids who loves care bears. A great backpack for kids to scare others with its fluffy and cute look. It was made of soft material and will not cause skin irritation for kids. 2. TODDLER GHOSTBUSTER PROTON PACK – Let’s fight ghost! Ghost and monsters are common scary things that gives highlight to halloween parties. Be someone who will fight and catch ghost with this toddler ghostbuster proton pack. Check this lightweight backpack out now. 3. CARTOON GHOST MINI BACKPACK – Complete your ghost costume with this cartoon ghost mini backpack. It is mini but spacious, perfect for the goodies you’ll receive from trick-or-treat parties. 4. SKELETON BACKPACK – Take this skeleton mini backpack to match your skeleton character. There’s nowhere to hide and start the spooky season with this leather-type backpack. It has top zipper closure that makes it easy to open and close whenever you need something.
5. ALIEN BACKPACK – Be ready to have an out of this world adventure with this alien backpack. Don’t be afraid that your goodies will be taken away by aliens so bring this backpack with you. This backpack has two zipper where you can keep your valuables safe and sound. 6. LOUNGEFLY DISNEY HOCUS POCUS BINX HOLDING CANDLE CROSSBODY – If you want to enjoy the halloween party with your arms free from carrying bag, this crossbody is too perfect for you. Unleash your inner scary and classy aura with this crossbody. This is perfect for women who wants to carry small and few things for the halloween party. 7. GREEN DRAGON PLUSH BACKPACK – Draw out flame with this cute green dragon plush backpack for kids. Make their trick-or-treat fun and memorable. It has zipper enclosure to protect your goodies from invaders and has adjustable straps for security. Be your own dragon this halloween. What are you waiting for? Match your spooky costumes with these backpacks that are good for kids, teens, and even for adults. Grab these backpack and enjoy the rest of night. Happy Halloween!