7 Pairs Of Men’s Jeans For 2022

Here are seven great choices of men’s’ jeans from Urban Outfitters: 1 OBEY HARDWORK CARPENTER JEANS- These classic look blue jeans are sturdy enough for work but comfortable enough for a game of pick-up basketball. Available in vintage denim colors- either light or medium blue; sizes 32-36. 2 HOUSE OF SUNNY DOUBLE KNEE PAINTER JEANS -These are a great choice for painting or any other messy job. The reinforced knees will cushion you while you arenkneeling. They are available in cream color with navy accents, sizes small and medium. 3 LEVI’S 501 SLIM FIT – This is a perfect example of a pair of comfortable jeans that could be worn to work or for a casual day outside with friends. Available in brown; sizes 28-36. 4 DICKIE’S WASHED DENIM OVERALl- Very comfortable jeans with sporty shoulder straps for work or neighborhood sports games. Available in vintage denim medium; sizes 30-36 5 BDG OVERSIZED FIT JEAN – These jeans will give you plenty of comfort while you rock the oversized look. Reinforced knees are good for anyone who needs an extra layer in the knee. Available in vintage dark denim; sizes SM – XXL.
6 ROLLA’S BOOTCUT FLARE JEANS – If you wear boots or just want some extra room in the shins, these are the jeans for you. Available in vintage denim light; sized 30-38 7 WRANGLER LOOSE FIT DYE TECH JEAN – Make a stylish statement with this classic roomy jeans with boldly bleached streaks. Available in vintage denim medium sizes 30-38. No matter what your style is, there’s a pair of jeans sure to fit your wardrobe or gifting needs. For more men’s jeans ideas go to: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/search?q=mens%20jeans Urban Outfitters is known as a quality manufacturer of clothing. They offer free shipping of any order over $75 For a limited time, their website is offering an additional 20% discount for customers who use Klarna to pay for their orders.