8 Beautiful Insulated Bottles You Can Bring Anywhere

Rose Agate Bottle

Not only does the Rose Agate Bottle look like a work of art, but it also can keep your favorite beverage colder or hotter for longer. A marble-like design with rose hues is fascinating, and every bottle is one of a kind.

Teakwood Roamer

A thermos flask that has a unique theme, with a cover that resembles mixed distressed wood. The product comes with a handle and lets you stay hydrated during long workouts or throughout the day. You can share your drinks via a detachable lid.

Charcoal Bloom Bottle

With a design that seemingly transports you to an artist’s sketchbook, this insulated bottle never fails to inspire and look good even while set atop a surface. The bottle mouth can fit ice cubes, and the 9oz variant can easily fit in most lunch bags or hand bags.

Onyx Bottle

Black matte is classic and unisex, perfect for those who want their water or beverage bottles unassuming. The Onyx Bottle is made from food grade stainless steel, and it’s BPA and BPS free. Therma-Swell technology keeps your drink hotter or colder compared to other thermos products.

Ocean Blue Bottle

Ocean blue is a perennial favorite. It’s refreshing to the eyes and makes the item very visible. Now, you can bring a piece of the ocean with you in hydrating bottle form and enjoy a drink as you work out or go on a camping trip.

Abstract Floral Traveler

With an artwork so good you won’t believe it’s a travel flask at first glance, the Abstract Floral has all the features you’d want in a high quality thermos. A thick rim makes drinking easy, and a wide mouth allows you to stir in coffee, powders and mixes without too much trouble.

Green Foliage Traveler

Featuring a portly shape that can hold an impressive 12 ounces, the Green Foliage is easy on the eyes and make for a statement piece when you put it on your office table or desk.

Pink Topaz Bottle

Unapologetically feminine, the Pink Topaz Bottle has that durable stone-like texture and opaque finish that will make you want to bring everywhere with you. The muted tone highlights the raw mineral delicacy, and while it looks amazing you can count on this insulated bottle to keep your drinks at an optimal temperature.