8 Best Men’s Shoes

1) SAINT LAURENT. This brand boasts a vintage aesthetic and a modern twist with the use of classic materials and high quality craftsmanship. SAINT LAURENT redefines the classic shoe with this sleek pair of black leather oxfords. They suit both the office and leisure wear, featuring an eye-catching bordeaux leather tassel on the side. 2)G.H. BASS & CO.. This brand has been around for more than 150 years and it’s no wonder why. G.H. BASS is known for their classic American style and durable construction. The pair above features a rubber sole, making them great for the office or heading out on the weekend – definitely versatile! 3) LEMAIRE. This brand is the epitome of luxury. LEMAIRE offers high quality and style in a variety of styles, from penny loafers to wingtips. This particular pair has a classy and timeless aesthetic, featuring a smooth leather upper that’s accented with gold-tone studs. As versatile as they are, they are also great for dressy casual occasions since they’re formal enough to go with tailored outfit but not too formal to wear with bootcut jeans. 4) BALENCIAGA. This brand is currently the brand of the moment and with good reason. BALENCIAGA offers a wide range of products, like this pair of classic sneakers that are versatile enough to wear day-to-day but also appropriate for dressy events. The simple silhouette makes them great for everyday wear, the canvas upper has a suede finish in black and white, and the rubber sole features iconic stripes that are often seen on BALENCIAGA’s sneakers. 5) Y/PROJECT X DIEMME. Grappa leather and canvas hiking trainers. Like BALENCIAGA, this brand also boasts a wide range of versatile products. The pair above is perfect for the office since they have a smart and stylish silhouette while still being casual enough to wear with jeans on the weekends. The brown suede leather upper with white rubber sole make it comfortable wear, and the canvas piece on the side is reminiscent of a hiking shoe while still maintaining a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.
6) ASICS. GEL-Kayano 14 mesh trainers. ASICS is typically known for their athletic shoes, but they also offer a variety of shoes that are great for everyday wear. The pair above is perfect for that! They’re classically styled and feature a mesh upper that’s breathable and comfortable in warmer temperatures. These trainers are also great for heading out on the weekend because they have a classic silhouette and simple design that make them appropriate for various social outings. 7) STEFAN COOKE. Martlett leather square-toe brogues. This brand offers a sophisticated take on classic styles. The pair above features a classic silhouette but with an updated twist, featuring brogue details and a square toe which makes it more casual than the other shoes in this list. This model is also great for weekend wear because it’s appropriate for various occasions but still offers a sleek silhouette that makes it formal enough to go with tailored attire. It’ll also work great on the office, since the brown color works just as well if you’re wearing a suit to the office or jeans or chinos. 8)LEMAIRE. Leather boots. This brand is known for their leather boots, which are great for men and women. This pair is perfect for the office since they have a classic silhouette and a bold but classy color that pairs well with various looks. The patent leather has a satin finish, making it highly reflective and snazzy while still maintaining an elegant look. Whether you’re a casual guy or dressy man, these shoes can be worn for any occasion. They’re all versatile, stylish, and extremely comfortable, making them a great buy. If you’re looking for a quality pair of shoes that aren’t too expensive but still offer high quality craftsmanship and style then the 8 best men’s shoes should be on your list!